Our Special Tools
metaic bellow 3000 m.m long 8.m.m M.s U with lip 1000 m.m long A customised section 2000 m.m long
C- section various size 2500 m.m long C-chanel in 8.m.mthick&4000.m.m.long chain hinge 500 m.m long
clean room panel 3050 x 1000 m.m long Corner covering for big piller 3050 m.m long C-section with lip 2500 m.m long
Customized-W-section 2000 m.m long deep hatsection 75 x 25 x 3050 m.m long Door frame 2500 m.m long
Horizotal door side chanel 2500 m.m long match-section 3050 m.m long corner pillar 3050 m.m long
Monorail big size 3050 m.m long Mono Rail 3050 m.m long 8.m.m deep hatsection 3050 m.m long
Bumber section 3050 m.m long multifold channel-4000.m.m.
50-R,hat folding 2500 m.m long
custom profile roof sheet sections for container 2440 x 1220 m.m
custom profile.
3050 m.m.long

various 'U' channel 3000 m.m long

Shows various type of metal
sections to choose
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